My new exposure – co-invested with TCI

TCI sits on ‘business’ of Aena to reach 10% of the capital after investing 900 million

If an investor has brought business class ticket at the recent privatization of Aena this is The Children’s Investment Management (TCI). The British fund, already bought a 6.7% stake in the airport operator in the public offering (OPV), has acquired market for at least another 3% of capital by 300 million euros. De esta manera, alcanza alrededor de un 10% de la compañía pública tras una inversión de cerca de 900 millones. Thus, reaches about 10% of the public company following an investment of about 900 million.

Purchase additional 3.3% was mainly in the day of the premiere bag Aena day that changed hands 15.87 million shares, 10.58% of the share capital. De este número de títulos, TCI barrió cerca del 70% a través de Goldman Sachs y Morgan Stanley, los brokers más activos en el debut bursátil de la compañía presidida por José Manuel Vargas . Of this number of titles, TCI swept about 70% through Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, the most active brokers in the market debut of the company led by José Manuel Vargas.

With this participation, TCI becomes by far the largest private shareholder of Aena, whose 51% stake is still in the hands of the Spanish State. A precios de mercado, la adquisición de este algo más del 3% adicional asciende a entre 300 y 350 millones de euros, por lo que la inversión total del fondo inglés en el dueño de Barajas y de El Prat ronda los 900 millones. At market prices, the acquisition of this just over 3% additional amounts to between 300 and 350 million euros, so that the total investment of English background in business Barajas and El Prat around 900 million.

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P.S. Follow this page for detailed valuation of Aena to be released shortly

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