SHORT TERM PLAY: QIIWI Games did their IPO that temporarily depressed its share price. It is already coming back. You can make quick money.

Hurry up.

• QIIWI did successful private placement raising gross proceeds of approximately SEK 66.5 million (1,000,000 new shares) at a subscription price of SEK 66.5 per share

• The book was multiple times over-subscribed and allocation was heavily tilted towards institutional investors that met the Company during the recent roadshow

• Top 10 orders received approx. 68% of allocated shares and top 20 orders received approx. 82%

• The private placement received strong interest from Swedish and international institutional investors, including Konsortiet Dan Sten Olsson and Erik Nielsen

This is a one – two days transaction on the rerating of the stock. Or you can play it for a few weeks. They will use the money to do a transaction. If they announce it, the share price would fly much higher.

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