There are several ideas for today:

BUY NEXT BIOMETRICS – Pareto estimates that quarterly revenues could should grow 400% this year. Good write up here:

BUY NORSKE SKOG – NSKOG owns 32% of Circa. Circa is doing its IPO. They convert biowaste into high grade chemical through patented process. Merck is the partner. The IPO is very hot, 15 times oversubscribed. Allocations out today. Bids under 10 million NOK got no allocations. At NSKOG Circa is valued at cost. Low amount. At IPO pricing it represent 5 NOK per NSKOG share. Based on experience Circa will double when it starts trading on 4 March – it would represent 10 NOK of NSKOG share price. This is not in the NSKOG share price. You can play Circa through NSKOG.

If you value Circa based on Renewcell, it should trade at 4-6 times its IPO price. It will not get there immediately, It could get there in 6 months time. In such situation that would represent 20-30 of NSKOG share price. NSKOG trades today at 33 NOK. I am long NSKOG, my largest position in Scandinavia.

SELL QUANTAFUEL – I am very concerned that the results next week will disappoint. I will buy back after the results.

BUY PRYME – recently listed. They are like Quantafuel. They are two years behind. That is the reason they trade at 1/10 of Quantafuel capitalisation. Remember, where Quantafuel traded last year. Low 20s. PRYME could be similar.

Buy MPC Solutions – it trades at fraction of Scatec solar. I belive they will double this year. See my blog below for more information.

BUY AEC – I believe in the story very strongly. See the below articles:


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