buying norsked skog before circa ipo tomorrow


Pareto Securities today included Norske Skog into their core Norway portfolio with 10% weighting. They state: “We think NSKOG offers an attractive combination of solid cash flows from existing businesses, supporting growth opportunities from converting capacity and non-paper initiatives.”

We like NSKOG for three reasons:

  • It is trading at significant discount to peers – it is trading at 5,2 2021EV/EBITDA vs 7,5 average for the peer group, while having below average leverage and more than 10 times stronger cash flows
  • Restructuring business – NSKOG is gradually exiting paper and converting the capacities to green packaging with 5 times higher margins
  • NSKOG owns 32% stake in Circa. It is valued at symbolic amount on the balance sheet. At IPO price it represents 5 NOK of NSKOG share. If IPO performs as I expect, Circa could easily represent 50% of NSKOG current share price. This is not priced in NSKOG share price. See the below article for details

We are long both NSKOG and Circa in the IPO. Bullish on both.

MPC Energy news-flow is starting to coming in. See previous posts for valuation details

MPC Energy Solutions secures exclusivity for two projects in Colombia and the Eastern Caribbean and continues to grow its pipeline


Amsterdam/Oslo – 1 March 2021 – MPC Energy Solutions NV has seen a strong start to its operations since its recent IPO. On 11 January 2021, it was announced that MPC Energy Solutions had successfully raised a total of USD 100 million in advance of its listing on Oslo Stock Exchange’s Euronext Growth segment on 22 January 2021.

Since then, MPC Energy Solutions made significant progress in the execution of its project pipeline and secured exclusivity for two projects in Colombia and in the Eastern Caribbean. The solar and energy efficiency projects have a total investment volume of USD 30 million with a potential expansion to USD 55 million reaching a total installed capacity of 50 MW in 2022. Due diligence is expected to be finalized shortly.

MPC Energy Solutions expects that it will secure further exclusivity agreements in the upcoming weeks. The steadily growing project pipeline includes wind, solar and energy efficiency projects. In line with the company’s strategy and initial geographical focus, all projects are located in Latin America and the Caribbean region, with a healthy mix of national and corporate off-takers.

Martin Vogt, CEO of MPC Energy Solutions, said: “We are excited to add two exclusive project opportunities to our project pipeline. We are working hard to provide strong returns for our investors while keeping our commitment to the energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean. Our diversified portfolio of projects caters to the energy needs of South America and the Caribbean while helping to lower the carbon footprint of the region.”

MPC Energy Solutions recently announced the closing of an asset development agreement and strategic partnership with Enernet Global, a distributed energy service company that develops microgrid projects in Latin America, Africa, Australia and Asia. The partnership is set to open a number of further opportunities for MPC Energy Solutions moving forward.

their investor presentation:

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