Circa IPO – After the first day positive trading CIRCA shares are loosing steam today. This is happening on many Skandi IPO. It did happen to Renewcell for example. It stagnated for a few days and than rebounded. The next catalyst will be in two weeks time – the end of blackout period (period during which IPO syndicate brokers can not publish research). The publication is often a catalyst for rebound, as general public would learn about the value proposition in detail. I am monitoring when to grab further stake.

IPO Blackout Trading Idea – this week there are two good companies that are out of blackout period and therefore broker research publication may be eminent. Companies trade up on publication of first research post IPO:

Huddly – AI conference calls cameras and software – see their website for the investor presentation. The company is reporting tomorrow. So you have double catalyst. Companies rearly report bad numbers on the first quarter after their IPO. I would expect that after tomorrow the IPO syndicate members will release their research. We bought Huddly yesterday.

Pryme Cleantech – company like Quantafuel. Only two years behind and at 1/10 valuation of QFUEL. If you want to get excited, look where QFUEL was trading two years ago and where it is trading today. Pryme is out of blackout from yesterday. Expect analyst research soon. We aer long PRYME. http://www.pryme-cleantech.com/

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