KYOTO Group IPO trading on Wednesday

Kyoto Group ( launched its IPO through Fearnleys and Sparebank. The shares should start trading this Wednesday. Link to the investor presentation is below:

Why is Kyoto interesting?

Kyoto is very similar to Azelio. See below the share price of Azelio ( BOth companies offer a similar product. They are in similar stage. Both are due to deliver its first product to customers this year. Both are ramping up their production capacities. There is one big difference. Kyoto at the IPO price is valued at 550 mil NOK. Azelio has a market capitalization of 5.8 billion SEK. So the market capitalization of Azelio is 10x bigger than Kyoto. That does not seem right for two companies, who have a similar product and are at similar stages of launching it. Based on this back of the envelope calculation we entered into Kyoto.

Do look at Azelio share price movement. Since its IPO. The share price has multiplied. Kyoto should act similarly.

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