Energy Recovery – our largest position

Energy Recovery is meeting investors this week. It has just released its new presenation. It provides a good update on the company activities. For this first time it talks about its gas product IsoBoost, that was sold to Saudi Aramco and is in very successful operation there since January, 2020.

It also provides details on its new Waste Water Product ZLD and on Vorteq

Please note, that the company and consensus sales forecasts do not include any revenues from ZLD, Vorteq and IsoBoost. This is all valued at zero. Under our analysis both Vorteq and ZLD has a much higher revenue potential than current water business. That is the reason, why we belive in significant share price growth over the next years.

The presentation does not talk about new refrigeration/climatisation product announced on Q4 call. The product has the highest potential from all products from the portfolio. The growth will be facilitated be regulatory elimination of the greenhouse gasses replacement with CO2 that comes into effect in five years. This will be a new milestone in ERII history.

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