Nordic Opportunities – weekend reading

I must congratulate all that followed my XBrane suggestion up 15% in two weeks and ERII, which is up 200% this year, which I suggested here several times.

Ideas for your further research

I like XBrane very much. They were due to announce the results of their phase 3 study in May. Historically, Biosimilars have 76% success rate in Phase 3 studies (see their website section Biosimilars). We know that they are due to announce the results in May. As the Phase 3 includes 583 patients, they already have 99% of the results by now. They already know the outcome. Last week they already announced investor day for mid May. Phase 3 is the only thing they have for announcement. Companies would not call an investor day, if they would have a bad news. My reading is that this further reduces the risk of Phase 3 failure. I believe the share price will reach 120-130 by the investor day. Good write up below:

Quantafuel – time to come back. I bought another shares today. I want to buy now gradually into the shareholder meeting. I believe that we are very close to continues production. The company claims they will be there by the end of Q2. When this happen the company will shoot up. My year end price target is well above 100 NOK. I would not hurry up into buying, but I would be gradual buyer. And I am doing that. Quantafuel will be my largest position by the time they announce continues production. That is my goal. I like the below article on Quantafuel:

I had a call with CFO of Skitude. Skitude is the ultimate reopening game. They have the best skiing app and they are the largest provider of ticket sales in the world. Due to the China virus competitors suffered. They picked up two large competitors for pennies. They are looking for further purchases – the virus helped the consolidation of the industry. They are beating the seasonality by selling tickets for water parks, mainly in the US. They announced latest such contract yesterday, signing up 8 waterparks. I have a small position now, but trying to analyze this further. Any comments appreciated.

The other ideas that I like are:


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