Quantafuel will never be so cheap – two days to Q1

During the last two weeks I doubled my position on Quantafuel. I believe it will never be so cheap. I believe the Q1 call should change the share price trajectory upwards.

I expect that on Friday the company will report several positives:

  1. First revenues from product sales to BASF – not sure how material the sales will be, but this is a proof that the product is as promised
  2. Reiterate their goal to have continues production by Q2 end – the continues production will be the game changer for the company and its shareholders fortunes
  3. Update on production – I understand from talking to broker’s analysts that they are making a good progress towards a continues production
  4. BASF deputy CEO introduction – the appointment of Dr. Lach is very significant for Quantafuel. He comes from the position as Project Lead ChemCycling in BASF. He was on the board of three plastic recycling companies. He choose Quantafuel, because it is the most ambitious company in this area. He knew what Quantafuel does and what the others do. His arrival is rubber stamp on Quantafuel future. I expect him to speak at the Q1 call for the first time.

I like the below investment case summary:



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