Trades for the next week Quantafuel, Hovseth and Biovica

Quantafuel newsflow continues. If you are interested in the company, do follow their FB page. I discovered that only yesterday. They do publish some interesting news flow there. Today, Fearnley Securities published the following note on Quantafuel:

Fearnley today:

Quantafuel (Buy, TP NOK 95/sh)
Environmental Impact application for Esbjerg site approved
Further to QFUELs positive Q1 update to the market at the end of last week, the company announced yesterday that Esbjerg City Council has unanimously approved QFUELs Environmental impact application for their planned new recycling plant in Esbjerg, with the project consisting of a feedstock pre-treatment plant integrated with a chemical recycling plant. Whilst stable and continuous production (on two lines) at Skive is the key trigger point to our mind next up, we view the news as a clear sign that things are being set up for the next plant location. This news also follows key members of the management team (Dr. Christian Lach, deputy CEO and CCO and Kristian Flaten, CFO) buying shares in the company – a strong sign of support for the company’s plans. The market has clearly agreed with us on the 1q21 update and subsequent news, and our view is that the recent share price rally may continue.3Reply19:42 AM

Some weeks ago I wrote here about XBrane Biocare. At that time the share price was below 90 SEK. Today it is 135 SEK. Up 50%. The reason is simple. These shares move when there is a catalyst coming. For XBrane it is the results of the Phase 3 study, that should be published most likely in this Quarter. They now have all the data and processing it. They said that the chance of success is 90%. My target is 150 SEK for the end of this quarter and 200 SEK by the end of the year.

Very similar play is Biovica. Biovica has tested their cancer product in major US hospitals (Mayo Clinic, Stanford, etc). They published more than 10 studies with US major hospitals. They are due to announce FDA results during Q3. The share price has not moved, yet. It should and most likely will, as the Q3 results are coming near. I believe the share price should easily double by Q3. Attractive risk reward.

HOfseth Biocare is publishing its Q1 this week. I participated on investor call where they said that the Q should be much higher revenues due to strong sales on Amazon, Cosco and LIdl. It is a one week trade. The share price could easily jump by 10-20% on the results. Not bad for one week exposure.

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