Quantafuel running on 100% capacity on line one

Quantafuel is now quite active on FB. Do follow their web site, if you are interested in the company. The link is below:

Quantafuel | Facebook

Yesterday they made the following announcement. I found it very bullish:

Curious to see what is going on at our plant in Skive, Denmark? Here, we have built the first, and to our knowledge, the only fully automated and continuous process plant transforming mixed waste plastic into high quality products. We are convinced that this approach is essential in our strategy to become the market leader within chemical recycling of plastic! 🌍💚♻️

Last week, we were able to reach full line production capacity of 625 kg per hour in a controlled and stable process. Now we are focusing on increasing operational uptime at high production capacity into weeks, and then months. Watch this space!

The trade for this week is Hofseth Biocare. The investment story is at the link below:

Top Value Creation Play In Biocare (OTCMKTS:HOFBF) | Seeking Alpha

Hofseth Biocare is reporting their Q1 tomorrow. It should be very strong Q1. In the quarter they achieved significant sales wins. They started selling their salmon oil products on Amazon UK and Cosco UK. I placed the name of their salmon oil product into google and the first two search items were from Cosco UK and Amazon UK. Apart from that they also sent the first delivery to Nestle owned Garden of life, that is due to lunch a new product range in August using their protein. In summary the Q1 tomorrow should be very strong and the share price should jump swiftly up. I am long Hofseth.

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