Bullish case for Chemical Recyling of plastic

If you follow this blog, you know by now, that I am bullish chemical recycling of plastic. The reason is simple. We can not ship the used plastic to China nor dump it to the sea. I just saw to good articles that summaries the bullish case for the plastic recycling:

European plastics manufacturers plan 7.2 billion Euros of investment in chemical recycling :: PlasticsEurope

Recycling and the future of the plastics industry | McKinsey

IN the recycling area I like most the Quantafuel story, the article below summarizes well the reasons:

Quantafuel, The Global Leader In Chemical Recycling Of Plastic, Backed By BASF And Vitol Has Potential To Multiply Your Investment (OTCMKTS:QNTFF) | Seeking Alpha

I also like the Dutch PRYME. It is two years behind Quantafuel, but it trades at 1/10 of QFUEL mkt cap. The PRYME should multiply and so will Quantafuel.

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