LInkfire IPO placed today – you are using Linkfire, if you are on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube or most other music providers

The global market leading marketing platform for music labels and artists.

I am long Linkfire. I think it is a case, that is worth to do some work on. They are the market leader and they will drive the industry consolidation.

• Top major music labels use Linkfire with a combined market share of 70%

• Marketing platform services more than 85,000 users as of 2020• In 2020, Linkfire connected 1.5B consumers to music products (48 per second)

XBrane announced today the positive Phase 3 study data and application for FDA approval. I am taking my profits. I first wrote about it when it was about 70 SEK. Now it is 170 SEK. The company will need raise cash and it will take some time for the company to get the FDA approvals. There may not be happening much for the next year, so I am taking my profits and redirecting my attention to Biovica – see my previous comments on this. I believe that Biovica will double in the next two months as retail will get excited on the forthcoming FDA approval and product launch in the US. See past posts for details and links to research.

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