QUANTAFUEL Management is buying shares

In the last few days, Quantafuel managers reported the below transactions :

  • 7/7/2021 – Kjetil Bøhn, Special Advisor in Quantafuel ASA, has today bought 20,000 shares in Quantafuel ASA through his wholly owned company KB Management AS, at a price of NOK 33.30 per share. After the transaction, Kjetil Bøhn and affiliates holds 3,677,050 shares and 600,000 options in Quantafuel ASA.
  • 6/7/2021 – Kristian Flaten, CFO in Quantafuel ASA, has today bought 2,000 shares in Quantafuel ASA at a price of NOK 35.10 per share. After the transaction, Kristian Flaten holds 5,000 shares and 200,000 options in Quantafuel ASA.
  • 5/7/2021 Wenche Teigland, Member of the Board of Directors in Quantafuel ASA, has today bought 1,430 shares in Quantafuel ASA at a price of NOK 35.10 per share. After the transaction, Wenche Teigland holds 1,430 shares and 40,000 options in Quantafuel ASA.

Quantafuel also announced purchase of land for building next large plant in Denmark:

Today, Quantafuel is pleased to announce the purchase of a 14.5-acre site, with an option to purchase an additional 12 acres in Esbjerg, Denmark. Here, Quantafuel plans to build one of the biggest plastic waste sorting plants in Europe, which also will be the first of its kind in Denmark. See the link below for more details on this

Media – Quantafuel

All the above news are positive. Despite that the shares is still in negative momentum. I believe one quarter commercionalisation delay due to the delayed supply of new equipment caused by COVID situation at Quantafuel supplies does not justify 30% decline in Quantafuel market cap this week. I understand retail is selling and institutional investors are buying…

We spoke to the senior management on Tuesday. The link to the minutes from the call are below:

Minutes of the call with Quantafuel management today | Fit Investment Ideas

Other opportunities for further research:

  1. Biovica. I recommend reading the below article. It was published yesterday. Its publication caused the share price move by 13.4%. My base case is, that the share price should double by September launch of its novel cancer test in the US.


2. Linkfire. It is a recent IPO listed in Stockholm. It is a play on growth of music streaming and in the next phase movie streaming. I am long and very bullish Linkfire. I will publish an article on Linkfire in next two weeks.

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