Denmark’s Linkfire: A Unique Play On Music Streaming Through Market Leader Growing At 50%+ CAGR

  • There are many streaming companies. But there is just one dominating service company that serves most of them with 70% market share. Its name is Linkfire.
  • Linkfire connects consumers on social platforms who wanted to download a song to music streaming companies that provide the content. Linkfire collects revenues from both.
  • Linkfire revenues have grown at 40%-60% CAGR with a stable 76% gross margin. The growth is accelerating further in 2021.
  • Linkfire was a victim of a difficult IPO timing. If it was placed in January or February, its share price would’ve doubled on debut.
  • Very strong catalysts in the next six months should cause the share price to double.



Biovica – is one of the top picks for this quarter. The company is due to get FDA approval and start sales in the US. The company has 25 studies from leading US and EU hospitals that their breast cancer works, saves lives and costs of treatments. Biovica is to become a global leader in this novel way of testing for cancer. Xbrane, in a similar situation, doubled in two months prior to such an announcement. Biovica will most likely do as well. See the below article for the full investment case:

Biovica International Should Double On Novel Breast Cancer Test Launch In Q3 | Seeking Alpha

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