BASF new presentation: Bullish for Quantafuel

Whilst browsing thru the BASF H2 presentation materials this morning, I came across what seems to be a new page on the BASF website, about mechanical recycling (found it via the BASF VALERAS page). And illustrated with a picture of Qfuel´s plant manager at Skive:

The page says that: “For plastic waste, mechanical recycling is the preferred recycling solution if ecologically most beneficial, technologically possible, and economically attractive. Chemical recycling will complement mechanical recycling.»

BASF mechanically recycled products:

So the BASF’s long term strategy appears to be that mechanical + chemical recycling of plastic is something that has to be done hand-in-hand..the two technologies supplementing each other, with mechanical being the preferred one. Which is also what one of the top BASF guys on Chemical Recycling, Andreas Kircherer, explained in this excellent interview in April 2021:

So, whilst all eyes are on Skive and the PoC, what is going on in Kristiansund should also be very interesting.. where Qfuel and BASF are now jointly exploring optimal ways to combine mechanical + chemical recycling in the same plant, and what may come out of this:


I am very bullish LInkfire. It is out of IPO blackout today. Pareto can issue their initiation research any day now. This is normally a major catalyst for IPO stocks. More on other catalysts below. This stock in my view can multiply in two months.

I am very Bullish Biovica. I believe the stock shoudl go up by at least 50% by the launch of US production in late August/Septermber.

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