Pareto – August portfolio Norway

Every month Pareto produces its strategic portfolio for the next month. Their portfolio for August includes the following 10 stocks. Each stock has 10% allocation.

New stocks: KID, MPCC, NSKOG, OHT,

Stocks retained from July portfolio: AFG, AKER, AUSS, BONHR, DNO, and EL

From the portfolio I am long only Norske Skog (NSKOG). I copy below their investment comment (emphasis addend):

We include NSKOG to our monthly portfolio as valuation support is substantial trading at modest 4x EV/EBITDA’22E (consensus).
With publication paper prices on an upward trend following capacity closures, earnings delta into H2 and 2022 is positive and
the trough is left behind. This along with several non-paper initiatives that are not yet reflected in the share price – we think
NSKOG is an attractive exposure with a hefty upside potential. BUY / TP NOK 50

I am very bullish on NSKOG. I wrote one month ago on NSKOG titled (click for the read): NorsKe Skog – cheap vs peers, renewables activities for free | Fit Investment Ideas


I am very bullish LInkfire. It is out of IPO blackout from last week. Pareto can issue their initiation research any day now. This is normally a major catalyst for IPO stocks. More on other catalysts below. This stock in my view can multiply in two months.

I am very Bullish Biovica. I believe the stock shoudl go up by at least 50% by the launch of US sales in late August/Septermber.

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