Be on the right side of innovation

  • Cancer diagnostics is a strongly evolving field. Biovica’s novel cancer test can detect breast cancer progress cheaper and much faster than current methods. Biovica is the global leader in the field
  • Biovica’s unprecedented 30 clinical trials in the prominent US and European hospitals minimize the risk of FDA failure. Biovica expects FDA approval and US launch by the Q3 end.
  • Share prices of pharma companies tend to move strongly before a major catalyst. Biovica should be a perfect example of this.
  • Biovica is up almost 40% in last two weeks. This trend is most likely going to continue for at least one more month prior to FDA. The recent price move may indicate, that the FDA may come sooner than currently expected August.
  • My price target in six weeks (prior to FDA) is 100-140 SEK. The current share price is just below 60 SEK. Very good upside for one month and half.
  • Biovica today announced that it is bringing very senior guy to head US sales. This is again very positive and indicates its readiness to launch the product in September in the US

Today announcement: Biovica strengthens management team

Warren Cresswell has been appointed President Americas and will be part of the management team.

Warren Cresswell has previously worked in senior management roles for 17 years at the Danish diagnostics company Dako and after that he spent five years, three of which as CEO, at Prometheus Laboratories, a diagnostics start-up that was acquired by Nestlé Health Science.

“Warren contributes with experience of developing and lead commercially successful organizations. With 25 years of experience from the diagnostics industry, he brings with him an extensive network and valuable knowledge about the American market within the field of oncology. Warren is an important piece of the puzzle in Biovica’s market introduction of DiviTum®TKa,” said Anders Rylander, CEO of Biovica.

“I am thrilled to join the team at Biovica. DiviTum®TKa promises great value for patients and payers, and a fantastic commercial potential. I look forward to contributing to this exciting journey,” said Warren Cresswell, President Americas of Biovica.

Full investment thesis

Below SeekingAlpha article provides a full investment thesis:

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