BIOVICA – CEO’s Video made it top Scandi pick – major catalyst in September

Biovica CEO announced on Friday the major catalyst should materialize by end of September. Biovica could easily double in the next six weeks, the same way as Xbrane did in similar situation earlier this year.

I am very bullish Biovica over the next two month.

Introduction to Biovica

  • Cancer diagnostics is a strongly evolving field. Biovica’s novel cancer test can detect breast cancer progress cheaper and much faster than current methods. Biovica is the global leader in the field
  • Its unprecedented 30 clinical trials in the prominent US and European hospitals minimize the risk of FDA failure. Biovica expects FDA approval and US launch by the Q3 end.
  • Share prices of pharma companies tend to move strongly before a major catalyst. Biovica should be a perfect example of this.
  • My price target in six weeks (prior to FDA) is 100-120 SEK. The current share price is 48 SEK. Very good upside for one month and half.

Full investment thesis

The major catalyst due in one month time

Shares move on catalysts. You do not get often a major catalyst in one month time. This is the situation. Biovica CEO posted a video for the shareholder meeting that should take place on Monday. The link is below. The CEO announced that the FDA approval for its novel breast cancer test should be coming in Septermber. This should be very bullish for the stock

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