New WHO presentation on Omicron from 30/11/21

My friend from WHO just sent me WHO latest presentation on Omicron dated 30/11/2021.

The link to the presentation is below:

My take from the Presentation

  • So far the world has experienced 260 million covid cases with 5 million deaths – I calculated implied death rate is 2%
  • Last week we had 3.8 million new cases with 48k death – I calculated implied death rater of 1.2%
  • Cases and deaths in Europe doubled in last two months
  • 99% of cases is Delta now
  • Europe has still low vaccination coverage in some countries even in most exposed population segments
  • Even whole population immunization will not fully interrupt transmissions – continued transmission is likely with new variants
  • Omicron has large number of mutations
  • It is not certain yet whether Omicron is more transferable vs other Covid variants (slide 13)
  • It is also not certain yet whether Omicron causes more or less severe disease compared to other Covid variants (slide 13)
  • Impact on vaccines is not yet known. The current base case is that the vaccination should protect against severe Omicron disease (this is my WHO friend explanation of the wording on slide 14).
  • There will be more variants. We need to prepare for more Covid waves.
  • We should know much more about Omicron within 2-3 weeks (again this is information from my WHO friend, not in the presentation)

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