Quantafuel – Most important Quotes from the Webcast Today

This has been a good quarter, and our business activities progressed as expected

Main highlights:

  • Skive progressing well
  • The rollout of the next generation large-scale plant called Mkt 2 on track
  • Progress in the UK
  • Construction of Esbjerg on track
  • On track with our goal to initiate two large projects per year

Saipem cooperation moving ahead – generated significant interest from major petrochemical companies

Skive is moving forward with confidence

  • Skive continues to progress in operating costs, capacity, and stability
  • All four lines are now equipped with self-generated gas (NCG) heating – this improvement has significantly improved our operating costs and CO2 emissions
  • Positive cash flow in Q4 2022
  • New offtake agreement renegotiated and improved
  • Two lines are used for testing, and two lines are for production
  • See my previous post – Quantafuel: “We are running at utilization levels we never achieved before” for further details


  • The final decision on Dubai FEED study – final investment decision early next year


  • Approval of planning application expected early next year
  • Started negotiations with feedstock suppliers
  • CBRE financial advisor engaged to secure funding commitments


  • Limitations in available feedstock result in positive cash flow by mid-2023
  • A negative result of only 5 million NOK in 1H23


  • Denmark has no such sourcing facility today – a game changer for Denmark + key advantage for the large chemical recycling plant
  • Construction is progressing within the schedule
  • Commissioning in late 2023
  • Trying to structure financing at Esbjerg level – limited funds should be needed from QFUEL

My take.

Positive quarter. All projects are progressing well. Saipem is a big deal. It generated significant interest in QFUEL from big global players. QFUEL is very cheap now, it is trading at levels well before Skive got into operation. I hear rumors that one of the big players may take up the whole financing. If that is true, big positive for QFUEL. We are buyers. The risk now is, that one of the large players would take the company private. We would at these levels.

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  1. racerrick says:

    Thank you for the summary, very helpful for investors in the US.

    I am surprised it’s not already private.


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