Getinge – time to profit

On 12 January 2015, GETIB announced that the current CEO, Johann Malmquist, had informed the Board that he would like to resign from his current assignment. As a result the Board had decided to appoint Alex Myers as the new President and CEO of the Getinge Group, effective 25 March 2015. Mr Myers is currentlyContinue reading “Getinge – time to profit”

Largest closed end fund makes a tender offer for its shares

THE NEWS: Acceleration of the fourth buy-back programme by means of a Public Tender Offer initiated by Fondul Proprietatea SA Franklin Templeton Investment Management Ltd. United Kingdom Bucharest Branch (“the Fund Manager”), in its capacity as Sole Administrator and Fund Manager of Fondul Proprietatea SA (“the Fund”), informed shareholders that today it has submitted forContinue reading “Largest closed end fund makes a tender offer for its shares”

Fondul is intensifying its buyback to push up its price

Fondul reported it bought back 17.3m of own shares between Oct 6-10. As per Bloomberg has total 49m shares were traded in that period. If that is right than Fondul is buying up 35% of daily volumes. Unprecedented buyback strength. Click to access FP131014A_en.pdf