Trump will fight strong USD.

Who is the best to predict USD movements? I like Gundlach´s view on this: “It seems”, Jeff continued, “that the U.S. president wants a weaker dollar.” There’s another characteristically insightful observation for you. After all, there’s no way you could have surmised that without Jeff’s help… Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump China, the European Union andContinue reading “Trump will fight strong USD.”

No brainer trade

I bought 8% weighting of my portfolio in KSA – ishares ETF that tracks Saudi Arabia. MSCI announced that it would include SA in their EM index. SA would become the largest country in the EM space. Each time this happened in the past, there was a 50% run. No brainer trade.   Foreigners ‘toContinue reading “No brainer trade”

Bear case for the dollar

What will drive the US currency? Three events will influence the USD faith: Rotation out of Treasuries. Us treasuries are 14 trillion USD market. The single largest owner is the FED with 4.5 trillion. Foreigners own around 65% of the residual paper, with Japanese and Chinese investors leading the rankings.  The trade has been greatContinue reading “Bear case for the dollar”