Interesting oil play

One of my smaller positions: LONDON, May 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Argentina is quickly becoming the venue for the next shale boom, and now the race is on to get in on the oil and gas potential, with Russian Gazprom staking out the place, while investors wonder how they can play this momentous game. IfContinue reading “Interesting oil play”

Paul Singer increases his stake in the largest closed-end fund in the world

Paul Singer today reported that Elliot Associates increased their shareholding in USD 3.1 Billion Romanian investment fund Fondul Proprietatea,  the largest closed-end fund in the world to 20.01%. Elliot is the largest shareholder of the Fund and the position represents one of the largest positions in its portfolio. The fund currently trades at 25% discountContinue reading “Paul Singer increases his stake in the largest closed-end fund in the world”

Ideas report 4.3.15

During the last two weeks I have been looking at Sodastream. I feel an opportunity here. The company is at crossroads. After a period of strong growth the management is looking for a new direction. They will most likely go into harvesting mode – they will give up a high growth strategy and will focusContinue reading “Ideas report 4.3.15”

Fondul Proprietatea started fift buy-back programme

Franklin Templeton Investment Management informed that the fifth buy-back programme started on 10 February 2015. In the buyback, the fund will buy up to 227,572,250 shares. The Fund will be buying up to 25% of the average daily volume of the Fund’s shares.