Paul Singer´s Fondul Proprietatea will benefit from Hidroelectrica´s flotation

Hidroelectrica: record profit last year, floatation in 2016 Hidroelectrica is the most profitable company in Romania The company plans flotation for second half of 2016 The Hidroelectrica energy company, has awarded the Deloitte consultancy company a EUR 382,000 contract for financial audit services spanning the 31 December 2015 – 31 December 2017 period, including services relatedContinue reading “Paul Singer´s Fondul Proprietatea will benefit from Hidroelectrica´s flotation”

Wood and Co update on Fondul

Exerpt from Wood and Co research on Romania published 28/1/2016 We believe that the Fund should remain an attractive investment: Fondul Propreitatea trades at 36% discount to NAV, with the stock price having fallen over 13% in the past six months, due mostly to the prices of Petrom and Romgaz (together accounting for 38% ofContinue reading “Wood and Co update on Fondul”

Morgan Stanley on Alrosa

ALROSA 1st Take: 4Q15 operational results show a higher rough diamond demand than expected January 28, 2016 PDF Print Share Industry View Stock Rating Price Target ALROSA remains our favored exposure in the Russia M&M space, but the diamond market is not out of the woods just yet. A combination of decent US holiday sales,Continue reading “Morgan Stanley on Alrosa”

Fondul news

EL RO: On the EGSM of today, shareholders agreed to resume negotiations with Fondul Proprietatea for the acquisitions of the Fund’s minority stakes in distribution and supply subsidiaries and to increase the number of Board members from 5 to 7. Resumption of talks with FP, which failed because on transaction price disagreements, was requested byContinue reading “Fondul news”